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Private Guided Fishing Tours in Newport & Oregon City

A fun outdoor excursion for families, friends, students, churches, business teams, and anyone else who wants to get out on the water for a day

Making fishing accessible to everyone — regardless of experience, age or ability

Darryl’s experience helping to raise children with special needs lit a fire in him for helping people who might otherwise be worried about attempting outdoors activities. He’s proud to assist his customers who are elderly or have physical limitations experience nature in a safe and sensitive manner. In addition to the outdoors, Darryl’s great love in life is his family, and he considers the folks he takes out on the water an extension of his family.

Likewise, Darryl doesn’t believe that financial limitations should stand in the way of families who would otherwise enjoy a fishing trip, and he is happy to work with his customers to plan a memorable trip that fits their budget constraints.

Fishing Tour Questions & Answers

What are the Fish Dr.'s rates for a Guided Fishing Tour?

Oregon Private Guided Fishing Tour Rates

Our rates vary by group and destination, but our goal is to make fishing accessible to everyone! Please contact Captain Darryl to ask about pricing for your guided fishing trip.

What kinds of groups does the Fish Dr. typically take out on his fishing tours?

Darryl will take anyone who wants to get out on a boat, and he offers guided tour discounts to veterans and first responders.

How many people can Darryl take out on his boat for a fishing tour?

Darryl’s boat can accommodate up to six guests at a time, but four is ideal.

How long does a Private Guided Fishing Tour last?

For a typical tour, be prepared for an 8-10 hour day.

Where does Darryl go on his Guided Fishing Tours?

Darryl will guide fishing tours anywhere in Oregon. He most frequently docks out of slips in Oregon City, on the Clackamas River, and Newport on the Oregon Coast.

What kind of fish will you catch on Darryl’s Oregon Fishing Tours?

Darryl’s private guided fishing tours give his guests the opportunity to catch many popular species of Oregon game fish during their seasons, while observing Oregon’s catch-and-release regulations.

  • Albacore Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Rockfish (rockcod, snapper, sea bass, lingcod etc.)
  • Halibut
  • Sturgeon

In a tour party of four people, nine halibut is a good day (2 for each guest, and 1 for Captain Darryl).

Are there limits on how many fish you can catch on a Fishing Tour?

Oregon's catch limits and other fishing regulations and news are posted on the state's Department of Fish and Wildlife website. However, these regulations change frequently throughout the year and the website does not always present the most timely information.

Captain Darryl recommends downloading the ODFW's app for the most up-to-date rule changes. The app can also be used to buy a fishing license and record your catches, so it's a very useful tool. 


Other Fishing Regulation Resources:

What are some things a fishing party might see on one of Fish Dr.’s Guided tours?

Captain Darryl's tour groups have seen jellyfish, dolphins, whales (including orcas), and even sharks.

When fishing for tuna or halibut, it’s not uncommon to catch a shark that is trying to snag a hooked fish from the line (Darryl calls sharks “the ocean’s tax man”).

What happens if someone gets seasick on a private guided fishing tour?

Darryl tries not to mix groups to avoid the potential of a novice in one group creating inconveniences for another group. This makes eventualities like seasickness easier to deal with with the least disruption to the other guests.

Darryl is happy to arrange a short test run prior to booking a tour for anyone who is nervous about being on the water.

Can I book Darryl for a river cruise with no fishing?

If it’s on the water, Darryl has probably done it. Every trip is custom-designed for each individual tour party.

What kind of boat does Captain Darryl use?

Darryl pilots a 2020 26-foot North River with a rigid frame and a soft cabin. The boat is fully equipped and has two different kinds of sonar.

Do guests need to bring their own fishing gear on Darryl’s tours?

Darryl will supply all of the tackle, rods, reels, and bait. He uses mostly Shimano fishing reels and custom-made rods.

Darryl has electric reels for halibut and other deep drop fishing from 350-800 feet deep.

All you need to bring is:

  • Food, beverages, and ice
  • Weather-appropriate clothing (rain gear, sunscreen, clothing for hot or cold temperatures — be prepared!)

If you're not sure what (or what not) to bring, ask Darryl a day or two prior to your excursion.

What do tour guests do with the fish they catch after a guided tour is over?

Darryl helps his tour parties get their fish from the boat to the cleaning station. In Newport, that means a stop at Brenda, the Fish Filleter, who takes good care of her customers.