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The Fish Dr. Captain's Log

Captain Darryl shares his thoughts on Oregon fishing and recollections of some of his past excursions

2024 Spring Chinook Tips and Guided Fishing Trips

Captain Darryl on 'Fishing with David Pyle'

What are the best days to go to the beach?

Fish Dr. says:

"You mean besides National Beach Day? Well, the weekends are busiest but if you enjoy people watching and, well, people, pick a Saturday or SUNday. (Get it? Sun + day?) However, if you’re looking for a less crowded time to go, visit the beach early on Friday. Why? Because for most vacationers, that’s a travel day.

"It's also a great reminder to help keep our beaches clean."

Halibut Tour out of Newport

Party of 4

On this halibut tour in early Spring, our group set out from Newport and limited out within 35 minutes! We pivoted to salmon, and caught five or six more keepers.

We also saw a lot of sunfish and a huge orange jellyfish.